Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Grid Computing, Java, and Hackystat

I just got finished watching a really interesting screencast called "Grid Application in 15 minutes" that features GridGain, a new open source grid computing framework in Java. See their home page for the link to the screencast.

Things I found interesting while watching the screencast:
  • It uses some advanced Java features (Generics, Annotations, AOP) to dramatically simplify the number of lines of code required to grid-enable a conventional application.
  • It is a nice example of how to use the Eclipse framework to maximize the amount of code that Eclipse writes for you and minimize the amount that you have to type yourself.
I think there are some really interesting opportunities in Hackystat for grid computing. Many computations related to DailyProjectData and Telemetry (for example) are "embarrassingly parallel" and GridGain seems like the shortest path to exploiting this domain attribute.

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