Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hackystat on Ohlo

I came across Ohlo recently, and decided to create Ohlo projects for Hackystat-6, Hackystat-7, and Hackystat-8. Ohlo is a kind of directory/evaluation service for Open Source projects that generates statistics by crawling the configuration management repository associated with the project. It also generates some pretty interesting data about individual committors.

There's a lot of things I found interesting about the Hackystat-7 Ohlo project:
  • The Hackystat development history is quite truncated and only goes back a year and a half (basically when we switched to Subversion). I consulted the FAQ, where I learned that if I also point Ohlo at our old CVS repository for Hackystat 6, it will end up double counting the code. Oh well. That's why there's three unconnected projects for the last three versions of Hackystat.
  • They calculate that the Hackystat-7 code base represented 65 person-years of effort and about $3.5M investment. I think that's rather low, but then again, they only had 18 months of data to look at. -)
  • There is more XML than Java in Hackystat-7. That's a rather interesting insight into the documentation burden associated with that architecture. I hope we can reduce this in Hackystat-8.
  • The contributor analyses are very interesting as well, here's mine. This combines together the stuff from all three Hackystat projects. I find the Simile/Timeline representation of my commit history particularly cool.
There are a number of interesting collaborative possibilities between Hackystat and Ohlo, which I will post about later. If you have your own ideas, I'm all ears.

Finally, it seems pretty clear from their URLs that they are using a RESTful web service architecture.

There are several other active CSDL open source projects that we could add to Ohloh: Jupiter, LOCC, SCLC.

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