Thursday, May 3, 2007

H4 with Robert

I had an entertaining and enjoyable H4 with Robert yesterday. We spent the time fooling around with the sample Restlet framework applications. I was a bit worried about whether we would be able to make progress, since the samples were almost totally undocumented (the documentation points you to a directory containing sample code, which turns out to be sample code from an as-yet-unpublished O'Reilly book on the Restlet framework.)

Presumably with the book in our hands, we would have had complete instructions on how to run the examples.

Without the book in our hands, we just blasted ahead, created an Eclipse project, imported the code, looked for public static main() methods, and ran them.

To my surprise and delight, after some traipsing around the lib directory and guessing at jar files to add to the classpath, we eventually got all of the sample code to run.

So, the bad news is: the Restlet Framework examples are poorly documented: buy the book when it comes out. The good news is: given a few lucky guesses, you really don't need any documentation, at least to get them up and running.

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