Monday, April 16, 2007

Version 8 now appearing on Google Projects

I am happy to announce that the Hackystat Version 8 repository is starting to take shape as a set of related projects in Google Project Hosting.

The "hub" project is hackystat which does not contain any code, but does contain wiki pages with high level planning and design documents.

The hub project also contains links to individual Google Project Hosting projects that have been set up to manage implementation of some of the initial Version 8 services. These projects are: hackystat-sensorbase-uh, hackystat-sensor-shell, hackystat-sensor-xmldata, and hackystat-ui-sensordataviewer. These projects don't actually contain any code yet, either.

Note that there are conventions for naming the Hackystat Version 8 projects.

My first focus of attention is on the SensorBase, and I am currently trying to design the REST API for that service. Details at 11.

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