Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Java 5 Conversion Week

Having gotten through almost all of the Core subsystem, I think it's time to try allowing all the CSDL Hackystat Hackers to have some fun with Java 5 conversion. So, I'm declaring this week "Java 5 Conversion Week", and the goal is to update the last module in the Core subsystem and all of the code in the SDT subsystem so that no warnings remain in Eclipse (using the default settting for warnings generation, which also corresponds to the Java 5 compiler warnings setting.)

The chart at left lists all of the modules to be worked on, the number of warnings currently present in each, and the developer assigned to eliminate the warnings from them. As you can see, there are about 900 warnings total, and six developers available to work on them, so that results in about 150 warnings per developer. Because it's simplest to assign the work on a module basis, I ended up giving Hongbing and I a little more to do than everyone else, but at the end of the day I don't think the differences will add up to much difference in the amount of time spent on the work.

I will create Jira issues for each developer listing the modules they are assigned and referencing this blog entry for more details. Also, please be sure to review my other blog entry on Java 5 Conversion for additional hints on how to carry out this process.

Good luck, have fun, send email if you run into problems, and feel free to send out an email when you've committed your last batch of changes!

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Austen said...

I'm glad that the DPD summaries and drilldowns will be typed now. Hooray for Java 5!