Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Java 5 migration

Now beginning the great Java 5 update of the Core subsystem.

Used Eclipse and set the compiler warnings back to 'default'. Got 587 warnings.

HackyCore_Telemetry is going to be a problem since it has JavaCC generated code. I don't know if I can disable Eclipse warnings on just a set of packages. I know I can individually change the warnings settings for a single Project.

Decided to work on one module at a time. Now fiddling with HackyCore_Build.

Here's an issue: I would like to write the following code:

List propertyList = project.getChildren("property");

However, project is a class from JDOM and is not generic, so I get the following warning:

Type safety: The expression of type List needs unchecked conversion to conform to List

That kind of sucks. Either propertyList is a raw collection class (and I have to do a class cast when iterating through it) or I have this warning. Here's my options:

I'm going to go with the @SuppressWarnings

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